The Tot vs iBallz – And a Giveaway too!

IballzboxThis is the Tot's second review (I use this term loosely) of an iPad case/cover and this time she is testing out the iBallz Originals.

When the postman arrived with this parcel I thought there had been a mistake as I couldnt figure out how any kind of iPad case or cover would fit into this weensy little box.

But cool things come in dinky packages and sometimes the simplest ideas really are the sharpest. What appears to be four foam balls and a piece of strong elastic is in fact a shock absorbing, drop protection harness. Which is pretty cool. 


In terms of weight, this is barely noticeable. The Tot was very comfortable holding it like a shoulder bag or a briefcase. You can remove one iBall to make it incline for better viewing. It's all incredibly easy, handy and stress free. You only need to glance at the instructions to know how this works, which is such a relief.

AND you can use the iBallz as a portable frame, hanging up your favourite photos or images. Like digital photo frames only way funkier. Check out the Tot's drawing of the two of us. She was able to hang this above her bed. 

While the iBallz may be shock and drop proof, and while it will prevent the iPad falling into any liquid because the four balls on each corner raise it off the ground, it doesnt have any screen protector so if any liquid falls onto it, then you're still in trouble. My older kids are thankfully alert to liquids and spills around technology. However, I have, on more than one occasion, found the Tot licking old ice cream stains off the iPad screen. So I do wonder if she needs an additional layer of iPad protection that the iBallz doesn't provide.

IballzhandbagAlso, the Tot loves to play with balls. She likes football, soccer etc. So she thought it would be good to cut the elastic and try and play with the iBallz. She wanted to throw them. Do not fear, she did not succeed but I still think it's a valid point to raise. Perhaps a few more minutes with the scissors and Tot would have unhinged the harness. It did pass the Tot Bite test; she couldn't bite a piece of the foam ball off. So for moderate biters/chewers I think this iPad protection is good to go.

One more insight, Tot dropped the iBallz into chocolate ice cream but it's fully washable. The foam balls were easy to clean and dry.


TotoMyself and the Tot are going to give the iBallz Original 4 Stars. It's easy to use, seriously clever and only cost $24.95


If you live in the U.K or Ireland and would like to win an iBallz Originals, please enter using the Rafflecopter below. I have FIVE to give away.


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13 Responses to The Tot vs iBallz – And a Giveaway too!

  1. I have a lovely picture of a fish coloured in by my small boy, that deserves to be framed or I have a lovely photo of small and big boy dancing in the wind that needs framing too.

  2. I would frame a picture of my family as they are the most important people to me and I would love to be able to keep them safe from harm.

  3. The iPad with iBallz original would make a perfect digital picture frame displaying a slideshow of family photos. Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. It would be a slideshow of all of the creations the clever kids have made using all of the wonderful apps suggested on this site!