Giveaway: Feed The Animals

Mzl.pffouzzz.320x480-75I have FIVE codes for an app that will help toddlers understand that goldfish don’t eat peanuts.

Feed The Animals is a very simple but educational app for toddlers. Choose the correct food to give to the animal and get a sticker! This is a great app for little ones, I’d recommend it for those under 4. Tot, at the ripe old age of 4 and 9 months, informed me that she is too ‘grown up’ for it now. But, she did chuckle at the sound effects, which are pretty funny.


If you’d like to enter this giveaway, just leave a comment below. Winners will be picked and posted on Sept 18th, EST, U.S.

You can also try out Feed The Animals Lite which is free. And here is the dinky button for downloading it.

Feed The Animals Lite - Free Kids Educational App - Curious Fingers


From iTunes:

Wouldn’t it be fun to feed a banana to a monkey or an acorn to a squirrel? Did you know that a hippopotamus is a herbivore animal?

Think carefully to select an animal’s favorite food and feed it to the animal and make them happy!! They will merrily chomp away the food making a clatter of funny sounds and cute faces! 

You will even be awarded stickers for correctly feeding them. 

Watch your child squeal with joy and hear their uncontrollable giggles as they feed one animal after the other.

Mzl.vksxxshr.320x480-75Feed The Animals aims to educate your child on the eating habits of different animals. They will be able to differentiate between carnivore and herbivore animals, without even realizing that they are learning. This app will improve their decision making skills and refine their motor skills. 

Feed The Animals has been designed keeping a child’s interests and behavior in mind. It has been tested by several kiddos to ensure an effortless game play. The app endeavors to be enjoyable and educational at the same time. There are no complicated menus and options for kids to get confused or lost in. 

The sticker rewards are bound to encourage your kids to remember the correct food item of their favorite animals. 

Feed The Animals attempts to strengthen your child’s cognitive skills, concentration and memory. It’s interactive and animated graphics will keep the kids engaged and bring them back for more!


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9 Responses to Giveaway: Feed The Animals

  1. I work with many nonverbal and lang. Delayed kids who would love an interactive game that secretively teaches association skills.

  2. This would be great also as a motor skill app with kids with developmental delays, not just toddlers. I would love to see it used in our self-contained classroom!

  3. This is great, It will be a great practice before taking my son to the petting zoo.i love the lite version …….*v*

  4. Is this gone? I would love to win this for my son. He has hearing loss and LOVES dogs. It would help with his speech and language too.