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Bottom Line: If you're willing to invest the time and money, it's a complete and total game-changer for education on the iPad.

The potential value of See. Touch. Learn. is a high as any app I have tried, but please note that it all depends on how much of an investment you are willing to make into the app, both in effort and finance. Please be aware that there is a free version whose functionality can be exapanded through in-app purchases and a pro version that includes everything and costs $24.99. 

Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 7.15.08 PMSee. Touch. Learn. is a remarkable app and intimidating to review. Since there is so much to it, I'm afraid I'm going to miss something important.

First, what it does. See. Touch. Learn. is a visual, mutiple-choice testing app. The free version comes with six lessons and a basic starter library to create lessons from. For a $6.99 must-have add-on, parents can create custom cards and tests for any topic they choose.

The best way I can explain the app's customizability is in regards to a reader who recently emailed me about her special needs child and the problem they were having with the child hugging everyone. I love that kid, but we all know that sooner or later they're going to have to be able to distinguish situational appropriateness. The mom was looking for an app that would help her teach her son who it is OK to hug and who it is not. This is the app she needs.

The photos of loved ones, friends and total strangers, can be imported/taken through the app and a multiple choice quiz for proper behavior can be generated. The parent would record the questions "Who is it OK to hug?" (as many questions as desired), set up the correct answers and present the lesson to the child. The ability to import images and create custom cards and tests opens the app to the limits of only the imagination (and a multiple choice test.)

In additon to the open-ended customizability, the app offers a ton of lessons for in-app download: letters, action words, shapes and colors, first 100 words, Dolch sight words, money, etc. I recently read on a forum a parent looking for an app that could help her special needs child learn all the different parts of the body so she could properly communicate when something was hurting. There is a $2.99 in app purchase for body parts so that parent could download the free version, purchase the $2.99 add-on, customize the test however she liked and get just the app she was looking for. Or she could buy the $6.99 custom cards function and use images of the girl's actual body parts. 

The lessons that come with each set are well-done but the computer voice is not my favorite, so be prepared to record a custom voice for whatever lessons you want to use/create.

As much as it can do in a special needs situation, however, its capability really extends to any child trying to learn anything. For example, I downloaded the Dolch sight words pre-primer set to create some lessons for Lily (she's on 2-3 letter words). 

 And here's the real kicker: I trained Ethan on the app for less than a minute or two and he completed two sight words lessons for Lily in about five minutes. Picked up the interface, picked the words and recorded the questions. "Touch the word it" for example. Ethan is seven, if that speaks for the ease of use. (A really, really smart seven, but you get the idea.)

 Every so often I test an app that makes me feel like I need to go back and change the ratings of a lot of apps I have reviewed in the past. See. Touch. Learn. is one of those apps, because if you're willing to spend the time and money to utilize it fully, it renders a lot of other educational apps unnecessary. The only thing stopping me from altering all of the ratings for my previous flash card/multiple choice question app reviews is that the game-changer isn't cheap.

The free version is an absolute, perhaps-more-than-any-other-app, MUST download and try.

As much as I understand that most parents don't want to spend $6.99 on in-app purchases or $24.99 for an app in its entirety, I can't give See. Touch. Learn. any less than my highest rating.



If you would like to purchase See. Touch. Learn. please use the links provided. The cost is the same, but Smart Apps receives a small percentage. Thanks for your support!

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