Next big announcement for Nov. 19 Open House: Peapod Labs!

Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 9.57.28 AMOne of my kids’ absolute-favorite developers, Peapod Labs, has sent word that they will be participating in our next super-colossal Open House event on Nov. 19!

We’re getting to a point where I am very close to wanting to participate in this event rather than host it…

Peapod Labs will bring more than $100 worth of promo codes for ABC Go (their most popular app), Bugsy Pre-K, and Firehouse Adventure! If you haven’t tried a PeaPod Labs app, you should. Today. 

At the party, keep an eye out for Peapod Labs’ three-member team, as they look something like this:

Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 9.52.55 AM






My oldest son Ryan, loves ABC Food so much, he wrote and recites a commercial for it! In our review, we gave the app four-and-a-half stars and named it a Top Pick:

When all three of my kids (ages 4-10) want to play the same app, you know it’s good.

Abcfood2ABC Food presents children with an alphabetized selection of more than 70 foods. The child can click on each letter or word to see a full-screen picture of a food with the name spelled across the bottom (by kids in food costumes!) When each screen appears, a child narrator says the starting letter and the name of the food. 

Each page has a link in the top left to either a cooking activity or related video.  For example, for hot dog, there is one page where the child can rub on an empty bun to “prepare” their hot dog, complete with a lot of toppings.

Below, I’ve included a video of ABC Go, which will be given away at the Open House and uses the same format as all of their ABC apps. 

Thanks to Peapod Labs for joining our event! Someone get them a soda and a lawn chair!






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