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Bottom Line: Four flipbooks with more than 70 full-color pages, 10 jigsaw puzzles and two other activities, all presented in four languages, for 99 cents.

I love finding apps like this…that I've never heard of before the developer contacts me. There is really a lot to like about this app for the price.

Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 6.46.16 PMFun for Kids HD contains four flipbooks (animals, baby animals, vehicles, and things) that present the child with beautiful, crisp, full-color pictures. The images can be touched to hear and see the name and there is a speaker icon that can be touched to play an associated sound. For example, the first item in the "things" flipbook is a ball. The image can be touched to hear the word "ball" pronounced and it appears as a word on the screen. The speaker icon can be touched to hear the sound of ball being kicked.

The fact that a child can touch anywhere on the screen to hear/see the name makes the app accessible to the youngest of toddlers. Each page can be easily swiped left and right.

The highlight of the app, to me, is the one-out-of-four game in which the app presents four of the images from the flipbooks and asks the child to find a named item. For example, the app will show a sandbox, a bed, ducklings, and a moose and ask the child to find the moose. Again, definitely targeted for younger toddlers.

The puzzles game consists of 10 animal-themed jigsaws that are broken into 10 pieces but presented only two at a time. The full image of the puzzle is presented as a background so the child must just match the piece to the image. Memory is a standard matching game using the app's images.

Fun for Kids HD is an excellent toddler/baby sit-on-a-parent's-lap app. The full color pictures and sound will keep a young toddler's attention and they can begin learning early interaction with the device. I don't think the app will last much past that age level, however, for most kids working in their native language. Since the app can also be utilized in Spanish, Swedish, and German, however, it could be used by anyone of any age wanting to start learning one of those languages.

The primary thing I don't like about Fun for Kids HD is the name. It doesn't really do the app justice. I'd recommend "Fun for Kids HD: Four educational picture books and games!" or something like that. I'd also add narration to the matching game.

In my reviews, I try to pay very close attention to depth in relation to price, and there is A LOT to Fun for Kids HD as a native iPad app for 99 cents.


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