This event has already happened. 57 women leaders in education, transportation, IT, communications, energy and more came together to plan their best year.  They had a great time and asked for a new tradition – an annual event. So we are busy creating another amazing experience for next year. We can’t wait.

                            SAVE THE DATE  – January 16-19, 2015


Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE is an experiential event for Big Thinkers & Game Changers – leaders who are ready to transform the way you work and the way you live to be in full alignment with who you are and what you really want.

When you attend Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE, January 17-19, 2014, you’ll experience practical training, purposeful play, powerful mindset shifts, soulful support, meaningful connections, and so much more.

When you leave, you’ll walk away with powerful, practical, and actionable next steps to transform what you want into how you live and lead.

What happens at Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE?



Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE is perfect for you if:

Your To Do list grows impossibly longer by the day.

You find yourself wondering how much longer can I keep this up before everything – and everyone – in my life disowns me?

You wonder if the pressure is worth it?

You feel like somewhere along the way the real you got lost?

For less than the price you’d pay for 2 massages, you can regain and reclaim yourself, your life, the mission and the meaning behind who you are and what you do.

(And the relaxing results last so much longer!)

At Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE, you’ll reconnect to the REAL you, the individual behind the leader. The woman who’s on the hamster wheel dying to slow down and/or jump off.

Every Leader Needs a Support System. Let Us Be Yours.

Unlike the other events you attend (or more likely lead) for work/business, Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE invites you to take OFF the cloak of leadership, put down the baton of Needing to have all the answers, and come as you are – the authentic individual behind the mask – open, accessible, and ready to receive support, guidance, ideas, and inspiration.

Leadership Isn’t The Problem. Not Having A Life Is.

headacheThink of yourself like an athlete. You can’t just show up on game day and expect to perform at your peak potential, win the championship, then go home, relax, and act as if nothing special happened.

You are a leader. As an authentic leader, you need to cultivate both the inner fortitude to play to win while also enlisting the outer support you need to train hard and play full out – without sacrificing yourself, your values or your life in the process.

If you’re not currently receiving the support you need to have a life AND to be an authentic leader, something’s out of balance. And that imbalance may just keep you from achieving your goals and dreams.

At Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE, you’ll get the tools, support, techniques, and shifts needed to embody your authentic leadership style while cultivating a healthier, happier, more whole life outside your work.

What is the Don’t Await It, Create It Framework?


1. Take your leadership and life to the next level.
What if you could turn all your DOING into a more aligned state of BEING and achieve extraordinary results? At Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE, this and more is possible when you get clear about your life and leadership vision, identify practical strategies to get what you want, and ignite your authentic leadership style. You’ll walk away transformed, with a clear understanding of what you want and how to create it, as well as have a revolutionary new planning tool to be better at work AND in your life. And you’ll be a better leader.

2. Relax. Refresh. Renew.
You do so much for other people. But when was the last time to gave yourself the gift of time, space, reflection, and renewal? (We’re guessing it’s been a minute – or decade.) From the moment you arrive, you step into a soulful environment. By slowing down and tuning in for the weekend, you give yourself permission to STOP with the busy-ness of work and life and START leading from a deeper space of soulful service. While this event is far from a weekend at the spa, the transformational play and exploratory work will feel far more significant than relieving sore muscles. You’ll walk away feeling lighter, more on fire and on purpose for your life and your work, and with a clear vision of the bigger picture.Essentially, power down to Power UP

3. Enrich Your Inner Life
Success really is an inside job. Without cultivating inner fortitude and fulfillment, no amount of external drive or ambition will sustain you. Throughout Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE, we’ll explore what it means to experience a healthy, happy, whole relationship with yourself from the inside out. We’ll help you shift your inner dialogue from sabotaging to soulful and offer practical tools you can take with you for maintaining that holistic harmony from the inside out. Listen to your inner voice.

4. Marry Serious Business With Play
We don’t mess around, but we DO play hard. Join us for a weekend where everyone will approach life and leadership from a playful, experimental approach. While you don’t have to make a fool of yourself, we encourage you to let your guard down and allow the live experience to be a space that awaken new ideas, ignites playful possibilities, and opens you up to a bigger, better, bolder version of you.Why serious play?

5. Meet Like Minded Leaders
As a leader, you’re only as strong as the support team surrounding you. And while you may have a great team at work, you may not have a success team for your life. Come and connect deeply with like-minded leaders on a mission to find more meaning in the work you do and ignite the power of your legacy. Together, you’ll become part of our Agents of Alchemy Success Tribe, championing each other’s highest good to get what you want while forging friendships, partnerships, and reconnecting to the meaning behind your life and leadership. Join an amazing group of emerging leaders, current changemakers, and glass-ceiling shatterers.



When you attend Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE you step into an intimate experience where YOU receive the support, shifts, strategies, and success tools needed to shift out of DOING so much and into a state of BEING that supports both your desire for a healthy, happy lifestyle but also a more authentic relationship with your work. Come for the top notch speakers and content. Stay for the community and connection with fellow visionaries and change agents on the rise.

Walk away revitalized, with revelations for how to transform the work you do into
more meaning and impact in the world. This isn’t just a business conference, it is multi faceted summit for
change agents – a holistic deep dive into your world, exploring how work integrates with family, life, and fulfillment.

Don’t Await It, Create It is more than an event. It’s a way of being that will transform your life and work from the inside out.


Julie JakopicDon’t Await It, Create It LIVE is the brain child of Julie Jakopic, Founder of iLead Strategies.
A Social Alchemist who’s shared the stage with luminaries like President Obama and change agent Neale Donald Walsch, Julie’s on a mission to help build the new paradigm of business where leaders thrive at home and at work. Julie created her signature Don’t Await It, Create It System to help visionaries transform possibilities into probabilities.

As a speaker, coach, facilitator, and strategist, Julie’s known for her pragmatic and optimistic approach. Clients credit her ability to not only build and grow their own leadership skills, but also her uncanny understanding of how to help executives develop and strengthen the talent beneath them.



Our speakers are success stories with soul. Thought leaders in their chosen industries.
Masterful mentors, transformative facilitators, and agents of change
dedicated to guiding you out of the ordinary and routine into the extraordinary.

Bethany Kelly Ann Timmons Emily Katz
Courgeous Creatives
Communications Artist
EK Truth
Stephanie Bernstein Terry Nichols Belinda Pruyne
Happiness Quest
Evolutionary Healer
Business Innovator



FRIDAY, JANUARY 17th VIP Registration Opens Noon
VIP Sessions 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Welcome Reception 7:00pm – 9:00pm
SATURDAY, JANUARY 18th Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE Registration opens 8:00 am
Don’t Await It, Create it LIVE 9:00am – 5:00pm
Reception 5:30pm – 7:30pm
SUNDAY, JANUARY 19th Don’t Await It, Create it LIVE. 8:00am – 4:00pm




Registration VIP sessions on 1/17/14 Registration for me and a friend VIP (for 2) 
Early bird (by 1/3) $397  included $594  included
Standard (through 1/15) $397 $50 $594 $100
At the door (after 1/15) $497 $50 Not available






The Lorien

The event will be held at the Lorien Hotel and Spa in the historic Old Town district of Alexandria, Virginia just across the Potomac from Washington, DC. The Lorien is part of the Kimpton Hotel Group and offers exquisite accommodations, two world class restaurants and a quiet welcoming spa. Don’t Await It, Create It Live will be the primary event in the hotel for the weekend.

We have arranged a great rate for the event of $169 per night. Please contact the hotel directly NO LATER THAN 1/6/14 to make your reservation and ask for the “Don’t Await it, Create It” rate.